Awad Alaryani Advocates & Legal Consultancy is a full-service law firm that offers comprehensive legal support across a wide range of services, industries and sectors. lawyer in dubai Lawyers in Dubai Since we were founded By Mr. Awad Al Aryani based on a vision to provide our clients with skilled legal advice in a timely and efficient manner. We strive towards excellence by enhancing our working principles into everything we deliver to our clients.As one of the leading lawyer in Dubai, Awad Alaryani Advocates & Legal Consultancy serves a range of leading companies in the sectors of insurance, real state, trade, manufacturing and media locally and globally best lawyer in dubai
Civil Lawyer in Dubai
UAE is turn to be an attractive and interacting polar and of strategic importance because of its geographical location. UAE succeeds in attracting various organizations and foreign investments through encouraging free enterprise system, so whoever lives here whether he is national. imagernt, company had to follow this regulations which enacted to facilitate ongoing progresses to achieve the desires. We advise and look after the legal matters of all individuals, companies as well as enterprises considering the nature of their business requirements our legal services range from letters of understanding, reviewing commercial agreements to drafting and negotiating complex ones as well as representing the client before all judicial and governmental departments in UAE and abroad through international affiliations.

Best Lawyer in Dubai
Contractual Disputes
Rental and real states Disputes
Compensation suits
Mortagage cases and arbitrations
Insurance Claims
Property Rights
Rights and the obligations in the contract
Intellectual property Right
Commercial Lawyer
We represent our clients in all types of commercial cases including but not limited to contractu-al and tortuous liability disputes, intellectual property protection, corporate-related disputes, real estate, insolvency, liquidation, partner withdrawal. We also provide corporate legal protection from business risks, including the registration of a real property in the United Arab Emirates, drafting commercial agreements, business incorporation agreements and relevant memorandums of understanding.

All company / commercial disputes
Liquidation of the company, Bankruptcy, Insolvency
Disputes relating to the establishment of companies
Dismissal of Partners
Insurance Claims
Trading disputes
Debt Recovery
Best Lawyers in Dubai
Criminal Lawyer
We are committed to providing sound legal services in the criminal litigation to our Client irrespective of whether they are a victim or accused persons. It is your right to have a legal advice, and it is our professional duty to defend you to the best of our knowledge. We represent our clients in all stages of criminal proceedings, including representation in Police Stations, Public Prosecution, Courts of First Instance, Courts of Appeal, Dubai Court of Cassation and the UAE Federal Supreme court.

Bounced cheque complaints.
Charges of Assault such as Murder, Armed aggression, and Libel suits etc
Financial charges such as Fraud, Insolvency, Breach of trust etc.
Cases related to drugs such as Drug trafficking, possessing and using.
Charges of intoxication while driving, Human rights violation complaints
Crimes of dishonesty eg, Theft, Fraud, Conspiracy, Obtaining pecuniary advantage etc
Crimes of violence, Sexual abuse allegations.
International Tax evasion cases, Rehabilitation cases.

Banking and Financial Lawyers in UAE
The banking and financial services industry is one of the Firms most significant areas of industry focus. Because the level of legal services provided to clients in this industry is as wide as it is deep, the Firm is regarded for its excellence, consistency and commercial pragmatism, and is rapidly earning the reputation for working on innovative and challenging transactions

Awad lawyers specialize in crafting creative securitisation and other financing structures. The Firm has unparalleled experience in bank securities offerings and its banking and finance practice covers a wide range of financing transactions such as

Asset Finance and reconstructions and schemes of arrangement
Structured finance, project finance and public private partnerships across all infrastructure and energy sectors
Corporate debt, including syndicated loans, secured and unsecured loans, revolving credits, guarantee facilities and other forms of security
Debt Restructuring and refinancing
Real Estate financing 
Structured lending 
Secured property lending
Structuring transactions
Drafting term sheets and transactional documents, 
Negotiations, advising on the regulatory framework and related issues