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can i get someone's record cleared in tn on a technicality? his race is white and all his court papers and information is stated black.
upon getting copies of my fiancé's arrest records, I noticed all his records have his race as black and he's white. when asking the clerk they informed me that only the DA can fix the race in the system. how can I get his charges and record cleare...
a bank account i had was closed due to it being over drafted now i have the police department calling on this, the bank never sent me anything. what can i expect
As I said a bank account I had was overdrawn and closed, the bank never sent me anything. Now the police department contacted me. What can I do
How can the police come at u like the SWAT team with guns pulled for running a stop sign
My son was taking his girl friends cousin home in the small town of wewoka OK the cousin was driving and ran a stop sign supposedly they said they did not run it but was pull over with all kinds of law enforcement with there guns pulled the car ...