Everyone is Affected on This Global Pandemic. Most Countries are on Lockdown and what could be the worst if you got stuck in a foreign country during a crisis. 

Many countries worldwide have closed their borders, often short, to help fight the coronavirus. The message is clear- booking a flight as quickly as possible before the routes close.

It is recommended that you contact your airline for the first available flight as soon as possible. But when courses are canceled, the administration says the airline is accountable for allowing alternative flights. This means that passengers can change tickets- carriers- "little or no cost."

However, it is not clear whether those carriers must be part of the government's agreement. Airlines, travel firms, and insurers are the first people because embassies and consulates are really there to deal with emergencies, say if you were assaulted, arrested, or a close family member died.

But if you are stranded, get in touch. There is a complete list of all embassies and consulates worldwide, including contact numbers.

Do You Need A Lawyer?

Immigration lawyers explain the law, advise you to analyze your rights, possibilities, and plans, and guide you through each step of the intricate immigration means. Immigration lawyers do much more than help people to become new- citizens. A Houston immigration attorney can help you if you ever get stuck in the said place.

Additionally, immigration attorneys can cover the predicament of a person and stop him or her from being dismissed to another country. A lawyer may provide legal advice about the ability of a person to obtain a working visa for a certain period in another country. 

What To Expect

Most Houston immigration attorney charges you a flat charge (usually around $100) to meet you and discuss whether the lawyer could help you if you hired him or her. Some offer a first consultation free of charge. 

You probably want to meet more than one lawyer before you choose one to represent you. Bring in all personal documents related to your immigration situation such as your passport, visa(s), I-94, marriage certificate, criminal convictions record, and any immigration authorities notifications.

The lawyer will likely ask and take notes and advise you on how to proceed and whether further documentation is needed to be produced or applied for. Many immigration lawyers offer the standard types of cases with a flat- structure. But the lawyer is more likely to charge you at an hourly rate in less predictable types of legal services.

Other Ways To Deal With Being Stuck

  • Contact your airline. 

For those who book directly with the airline, consult the website of the carrier for the latest information. Some airlines provide repatriation flights to help passengers come back. Also, most airlines have partners with which you can fly so that the carrier can help you. Make sure all your contact information is updated.

  • Contact your provider of travel insurance.

With the situation very smooth, it is challenging to judge your insurance provider's position on Covid-19. But if you have travel insurance, please contact the provider to explore your options.

  • Go to the embassy.

If everything else does not work, it might be better to contact your embassy or consulate. Some countries have arranged repatriation flights.

1. Package deals

Anyone on a 'package' deal should contact the tour operator or travel company with which they have booked their vacation—knowing that a package does not mean a traditional 'off the belt' trip with a representative in the resort for 'protection' purposes.

In the context of 'Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018' (Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations), it is classified as a 'package,' so that you have bought an airplane, and at least another part of your trip simultaneously, (such as lodging and car rentals) from the same company.

2. Flight deals only

Travelers booking flights through airline sites, should not try to call, but instead, check the website or Twitter feed for the latest updates. Calls understandably inundate airlines.

Under standard European regulations, known as EC 261/2004, your airline should offer a full refund or alternative flight if your flight has been canceled. It is your settlement, but it is worth recognizing if you take the option 'refund,' which is the result of the airline's obligation to take you home. It is best to take the alternative flight option under these unusual circumstances as airlines take select 'rescue' flights to take passengers back.

About the Author:

Anne E. Kennedy is a certified mediator in General Civil and Family Law providing Divorce and Immigration legal advice to her clients. She is known for her aggressive representation and ability to think outside the box. Also an expert defense attorney.