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Do First-Time Drug Offenders Go to Jail?

Oct 18, 2021 - New Jersey is very tough on drug offenses like possession, intent to distribute, drug trafficking, and distribution. You can go to jail even if it is your first time being charged with a drug-related offense.   While New Jersey favors promoting rehabilitative measures rather than strict punishments for first-time drug offenses, judges have jailed offenders on their first offense. The chance of getting sent behind bars in New Jersey decreases when you hire an accomplished criminal defense attorney. Your lawyer will understand the criminal process and can help you avoid serving jail time.  What is a Diversionary Program? The state of New Jersey designed special programs for individuals who have never been convicted of a drug-related crime before. Such diversionary programs offer an alternative to conviction for first-time minor drug offenses. Instead of going to jail, you can be placed in a program designed to keep you from being a repeat offender. ...
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Tips to Find the Best Criminal Defense Attorney

Sep 21, 2021 - If you have already understood the importance of having a top-notch attorney when you’ve been charged with a crime, the next step is to look for a criminal defense attorney as soon as you can. Bear in mind, as soon as you are charged with a felony, you will have very little time to prove your innocence. Especially if you have never been in a situation like this before, sifting through the archaic legal process and being attacked by the overwhelming questions of the cops will only be too much to handle. Therefore, you should quickly take out some time to find the best criminal defense attorney who will support you in the courtroom. Fear not because we will walk you through some of the most important tips  to find the best criminal defense attorney: The Attorney Should be Response As soon as you are convicted of a crime, time is little. Therefore, if you fail to hire an attorney during this time, you will eventually fail. You need to look for a criminal def...
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Drug-Induced Sexual Assault and How to Prevent It

Sep 15, 2021 - Sexual assault that is subjected to the use of a substance that compromises the inhibition of a person leading them to be taken advantage of is what basically a drug-induced sexual assault is. Sexual assaults are often facilitated by the use of drugs both legal and illegal. In these cases the survivors often blame themselves. You should know that you are not blameworthy. Your consent is the most important thing above anything else. No means no and using alcohol or drugs is not an excuse for assault. How Does It Happen? There can be 2 possible ways a perpetrator can take advantage of the situation: Someone voluntarily using drugs or alcohol. Intentionally forcing the victim to consume drugs without them knowing for instance slipping it into their drink. The latter can result in severe legal charges because it won't be only sexual assault they'll be punished for, it'll also be possession and misuse of drugs.   Drugs or Subst...
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