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Getting Through Post Holiday Season Debt

Jan 18, 2021 - To say this year was challenging is an understatement. However, drinking alcohol in order to temporarily escape your troubles can often cause additional problems for the future.Addressing the Real ProblemIf you drink heavily to remove worry about paying your bills, this isn’t going to fix the problem. When the booze wears off you’ll still have piles of unpaid bills remaining. Instead, address the problem head-on. Rockwell Legal Group recommends hiring a professional attorney to assess your financial situation. A lawyer can help you figure out if filing bankruptcy is your best option for peace of mind or if you should try other remedies first.Repercussions of Consuming too Much AlcoholDrinking too much alcohol can fog the mind and cause you to do things you wouldn't normally do. You may grab the keys to your car and think you’re fine to drive home. Unfortunately, this will put you in a position of making irrational decisions. Getting stopped while under the influence can lead to an a...
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How Do I Choose a Good Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Jan 16, 2021 - In the event you are charged with committing a crime, you will need to have a criminal defense attorney ready to defend you. Unfortunately, most people don’t have a defense attorney readily available unless it’s a personal friend. This is the case because most people don’t worry about getting arrested until they actually do and that is when you need to find a good criminal attorney as soon as possible.Doing Your Research Before You DecideChoosing the right attorney to represent you means you need to pick the right one for you, and that requires some thorough searching. A simple web search may be your first option and sure, you will see results of “experienced attorneys” in your local area, but your case is just too important to settle for just “experienced,” looking into the legal record and success rate of your ideal defender is critical. Have they won more cases than they have lost? Do they have examples of convincing arguments on their website? These are some questions to ask...
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Legal and Other Possible Consequences of Substance Abuse

Nov 30, 2020 - Addiction is a type of disease and, as such, it can lead to a series of events for a person that are quite negative. The consequences of being an addict might have an effect on your professional life, physical health, and well-being. There are quite a few different forms addiction might take, and each one of these has its own risks. That said, let’s look at a few of the consequences of being addicted to alcohol and drugs. Legal Consequences It’s critical that if you need help for women’s addiction, you get it. It might just keep you out of jail. Many substances that are addictive are highly regulated. In some cases, these substances are even banned by federal and local governments. This is because the government is attempting to lessen the consequences of addiction and protect your well-being. Being caught with these substances can result in you going to jail, sometimes for many years…especially for something like heroin. On top of this, you might end up being in...
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