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What is Considered a Drug Offense

Apr 07, 2024 - A drug offense encompasses a wide range of illegal activities involving controlled substances as classified by law. These activities include the possession, manufacturing, distribution, or trafficking of drugs deemed to be illegal. The specifics of what constitutes a drug offense can vary greatly from one jurisdiction to another, taking into account the type of substance, the amount in question, and the intended use. Laws are often designed to be comprehensive, penalizing not only the physical handling of drugs but also related actions, such as the possession of drug paraphernalia or the maintenance of premises for drug activities. A criminal defense attorney plays a pivotal role when an individual is charged with a drug offense. They provide legal representation aimed at protecting the accused’s rights and can challenge the evidence presented by the prosecution. A knowledgeable defense attorney will scrutinize the circumstances of the arrest, the handling of seized substan...
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Cross-Examination Techniques in High-Stakes Criminal Trials

Apr 02, 2024 - Trial lawyers will often tell you that it took them time to be good at cross-examination. Though many think it’s a dramatic battle, cross-examination is an opportunity for a lawyer to build a client’s case using the opponent's witness statements. However, things may take an ugly turn when the lawyer you hired is not good at cross-examinations. This is why you need to hire professionals like the criminal defense attorneys at Chudnovsky Law, who can help you before and during cross-examination to increase the chances of its effectiveness. Here are some techniques that can be used: 1. Establish Goals for Each Witness Not all witnesses need cross-examination. If cross-examining a witness will not add any value to a client’s case, then your lawyer should avoid it. But if the cross-examination will build the case, then you should know the goals before it starts. Knowing what you want from a witness will dictate the road you take with them during cross-examination....
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The Benefits and Drawbacks of Accepting a Plea Bargain in a Criminal Case

Apr 01, 2024 - Facing criminal charges can be a frightening experience. The legal system can be complex, and understanding your options is crucial. One option often presented by prosecutors is a plea bargain. Understanding the benefits and drawbacks of accepting a plea bargain from experienced criminal defense law firms, like Cohen & Bernstein LLC, can empower you to make informed decisions about your case. What is a Plea Bargain? A plea bargain is an agreement between the prosecutor and the defendant. In exchange for the defendant pleading guilty to a lesser charge or a specific number of charges, the prosecutor agrees to recommend a reduced sentence or other concessions.   Plea bargains are extensively used in the criminal justice system to resolve cases efficiently and avoid lengthy trials. Benefits of Accepting a Plea Bargain Reduced Sentence: The most significant benefit of a plea bargain is often a lighter sentence than what you might face if convicted at trial. This ca...
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