Incurring any criminal charges is one of many people’s nightmares. It does not only give trouble, but it also causes a lot of stress. Fines, penalties, and litigation charges are often expensive and bring about severe financial concerns. Furthermore, it also damages one’s reputation may think. A single criminal charge could trouble one’s professional, personal, and social life. Therefore, the best thing to go about any criminal charge is to seek the legal assistance of an expert and reputable firm like ReidGoodwin attorneys at law

Having an expert defense lawyer should help you go through the process smoothly. They could assist in lowering your punishment or in dismissing the charges filed against you. It is therefore essential to assess the capabilities of a defense attorney to perform his tasks before hiring one.

Case Assessment

One of the most challenging areas of law is criminal defense. It requires expertise to both defend and protect the rights of a client and at the same time handle the case appropriately. A good criminal defense attorney puts his effort in assessing the matter carefully and in detail. He takes into consideration every little aspect that has something to do with the case. Even if his client is at fault, he knows how to handle the case correctly and practice fairness at all times. Once he finishes the case assessment, he establishes the best measure to handle the situation and protect his client too.

Information Collection

The information does not only mean a collection of data. It also says, a group of any physical evidence and valuable information so he can strengthen the case. Patience is one of his best characteristics. He should ensure that all data and evidence are collected and protected from any damages or alterations. He has to spend his time gathering information to help his client.

Knowledge Of The Law

A reasonable defense attorney is competent and knowledgeable about the law. He knows them by heart, and he doesn’t have to check his books from time to time. And since the court requires his presence often, he should be familiar with the proceedings and rulings. He should be very familiar with the system so he can protect the rights of his client. He must know how to defend his client at all times.

Analysis And Strategy

Knowledge of the law is useless if your lawyer has no strategy and no analysis of the situation. He should be good at forming strategies to defend his client whether he is guilty or not. His review of the case should follow the law but at the same time protect the rights of his client. He should have a calm mind so he can handle stressful situations carefully and wisely. 

Client Relationship

Whether the client is guilty or not, it is crucial for him to have excellent communication. He should know how to deal and adjust with different clients. He has to be prompt in giving updates to the client is ready at all times. He should be trustworthy, and his client should trust him so he can analyze the facts and know-how he will defend based on that information.


Brody Reid is an experienced and zealous trial attorney. Focusing on assisting injured individuals and their families during tough times, Brody has worked tirelessly to help individuals in his hometown in the years since law school. Throughout his career, Brody has successfully represented over a thousand clients in the areas of Criminal Defense, Workers’ Compensation, Personal Injury, and Civil Litigation through jury trials, bench trials, and administrative proceedings.