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Have You Been Wrongfully Accused of Texting While Driving? | Oct 13, 2017

Over 2.5 million people in the United States are involved in car accidents every year, and out of these cases, 1.6 million have a cell phone involved. Cell phones are extremely distracting and encourage people to take their eyes of the road. In fa...
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The Rise of Insurance Fraud in Australia: The Legal Consequences | Oct 03, 2017

In many ways, the advent of digital technology is one of the great contradictions of our time. After all, few can argue with the fact that the proliferation of digital technology has empowered an entire generation of entrepreneurs, while it has al...
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White Collar Crime: The Challenge of Sentencing | Sep 01, 2015

White Collar Crime: The Challenges of Sentencing White collar crimes include financial offenses committed for personal gain using deception. They typically involve abuse of trust or position, deceit or maneuver and white collar crimes are m...
Read More and Google's "Hummingbird" Algorithm | Oct 23, 2013

A recent overhaul of the Internet giant's algorithm have some web marketing insiders nervous. Companies like see the upside of the new algorithm nicknamed Hummingbird. Michael Berg and Eric Bersano, co-founders of the Ca...
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Knowledge: Victims' Best Defense | Apr 04, 2013

Crime in Florida is not prevalent, but it is definitely not wiped out either. Being a victim of crime can be traumatizing and upsetting, and most victims cannot afford the post-crime formalities to make themselves secure. However, the Florida l...
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