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The Best DUI Law Firm in Denver

The Best DUI Law Firm in Denver

Criminal Defense Lawyer

DUI Law Firm Denver brings a unique combination of knowledge, skills, and experience to the fight on your behalf. We know the law, science, how to win and what you're going through. DUI Law Firm Denver's Emilio De Simone is a former engineer whose unique combined expertise in forensic science and criminal law helps swing the odds in favor of the firm's DUI clients. Leveraging their deep knowledge of the system and their long-term relationships with key members of the justice community, the attorneys at DUI Law Firm Denver will fight aggressively to get you the best possible outcome from your D


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What is a reckless driving ticket, and why did I get one? - DUI Law Firm Denver | Apr 18, 2022

A reckless driving ticket is issued when it is alleged that you drove a motor vehicle with a wanton or willful disregard for the safety of persons and/or property. This charge can be given to those within a motor vehicle, a bicycle, an electricall...
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Why Request A DMV Hearing? - DUI Law Firm Denver | Apr 05, 2022

Emilio De Simone, a DUI Defense Attorney in Denver discusses why we request a DMV hearing.We almost always request a DMV hearing and we primarily do it for two reasons:1. If there is no hearing, you lose your license no questions asked. We bel...
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How Long Do You Lose Your Driver's License If You're Convicted With DUI? | Mar 24, 2022

Well, it depends according to Emilio De Simone; one of the best DUI attorneys in Denver. The amount of time that you lose your license is generally determined by the number of previous DUIs and whether or not you refuse the chemical test. Watch th...
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Colorado License Suspensions and License Points | Mar 24, 2022

Facing a license suspension is something everyone wants to avoid. It can be a life changing event not to mention an uncomfortable and costly one.More info on our blog post here https://duilawfirmdenver.com/colorado-license-suspensions-license-poin...
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DUI With Child Endangerment | Mar 24, 2022

In this video, it discusses how driving drunk with a minor in the car will result in a DUI charge, as well as child abuse charge and other consequences of DUI.Visit our post to read more https://duilawfirmdenver.com/dui-with-child-endangerment/If ...
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