Drug Trafficking Organizations (DTO) continue to take advantage of innocent drivers by using magnets and GPS trackers to hide drugs under their vehicles. Everyday drug smugglers are targeting drivers preparing to enter the United States through the Tijuana and Mexicali Ports of Entry for the purpose of using them to cross drugs without their knowledge. 

How it works: First, the smugglers pick a target and identify the vehicle they want to use. Second, while the vehicle is waiting to cross into the United States, the smugglers use powerful magnets and GPS trackers to stick drugs under the vehicle. Lastly, if the load vehicle makes it into the United States the smugglers follow the driver until they park and remove the drugs from under the vehicle. 

Who they target: The smugglers are primarily targeting older drivers, couples, and SENTRI pass vehicles. 

The risk: Not every driver will make it through primary and secondary inspection into the United States. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers believe that every driver is responsible for the contents of their vehicle. The drivers that unknowingly attempt to cross with the drugs and are stopped will be arrested and charged in federal court. Federal drug charges are very serious and can result in a 10 year mandatory minimum sentence depending on the type and quantity of the drug.

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