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Harroz Law is a full service law firm, committed to providing quality, ethical and affordable legal representation to our clients. We believe in a whole client approach and strive to serve each client’s individual legal needs. We recognize that when it comes to your legal needs, there is no “one size fits all” solution. Harroz Law has a reputation for providing honest, hardworking and aggressive representation to its clients. We represent businesses and individuals in both civil and criminal matters in Oklahoma’s Municipal, State, and Federal courts.


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What other options are available besides incarceration on a revocation of suspended sentace.

Nothing. The definition of revocation is to have your probation revoked.
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what is the minimum and maximum sentance for traffiking methanphetimine

Oklahoma Law: trafficking is based on the weight of the drugs in your possession and is NOT probation eligible 4-life - no prior felonies 6-life - 1 drug prior Life without parole - 2 drug priors 8-life - 1 general felony priors 12-life - ...
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