When facing criminal charges, it is most essential to have the best lawyers to represent us. We need not only lawyers who are experts toward criminal defense, but also those who have a heart, are committed and can help achieve justice.

Criminal law is a big field in Law, and it is divided into two sections - criminal procedure and criminal defense. Criminal procedure tells us how a trial is conducted, how claims have to be examined well, and how proofs of crimes have to be collected. On the other hand, criminal defense lawyers, who are also experts in criminal procedures, follow a system of collecting evidence in favor of their clients. As a criminal defense attorney is specific about his or her client’s rights, they utmost maintain the doctrine of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ throughout the whole trial process.

Looking for the best one can be time-consuming. expensive, and frustrating all at the same time due to the repercussions faced in a criminal charge. But everything will be all worth it when you can ensure that you are represented well during a court trial. Firms such as Campoli Defense can offer you the best criminal defense lawyers to date. And to make sure you got the right one for you, here are 7 traits the best criminal defense lawyer possesses that will help you with your legal matters.

Specialization in Criminal Law

There a lot of questions to ask upon looking for the right lawyer to defend you on your criminal charge. The right criminal defense attorney has, at least, specialized in criminal law. although they do not have to exclusively practice criminal law. If you are unable to see anything related to criminal law in a lawyer or law firm's website, then you might have to look for another one.

A perfect criminal defense attorney, like Lauren Campoli, not only is knowledgeable on criminal law but must also practice it on a regular basis. Your attorney should have regular involvement in criminal law to stay updated on the trends of this field and the best possible there is. 

Responsive As Ever 

If your lawyer or firm such as Campoli Defense can instantly respond to your questions, sets you appointments and replies to your emails within the day, then you are off a good start. As time is a very important factor in preparing yourself and your side in court, the role of your attorney being as responsive as ever is very important. 

As what they say, time lost is case lost. 

Has Experience in the Local Courts

Your attorney, as representing you, needs to have knowledge and experience in dealing with the local judicial offices (district attorney, the judges, and other personnel of the local legal system). It is usual for a few judges to be more open to certain requested conditions only if they have worked or have known your lawyer for quite a while now. 

This so-called 'familiarity' with the local court will enable your legal team to know how to present the case to certain judges based from previous encounters and trials. Each and every court do things their own way, and judges too! Knowing the trends in your local court can help you create a winning strategy in your case and trial.

Reputable and is Active

If you have trouble looking for lawyers in your area or would want to check if your lawyer is a real one and licensed, the American Bar Association (ABA) on their official website allows you to browse a directory of registered, active, and inactive lawyers all across the United States. 

You can see the directory here and check if your lawyer is licensed and active.

Is Referred and Has Good Reviews

Nothing beats lawyers referred by your family, friends, or people you may know. Those people with first-hand knowledge or experience of how a lawyer performs and operates can help give you insights about how they might handle your case during the trial.

A great word-of-mouth can be an exceptional way to get honest opinions, especially when the person you are asking also wants what is best for you.

Has A Clear Service Fee Structure

Though there are more important things to worry about when dealing with charges of a criminal case, you should make sure that you have financial information laid out to you before anything else for a start. Some lawyers want to be paid through retainers, and some would prefer a fixed amount, an hourly rate, or even a custom billing plan. 

The best criminal defense lawyer would not confuse you about their bill. In fact, they explain in simple terms on how they bill and give you an idea of what you can expect, their services, and the total cost of your defense. It is important that you understand the attorney's financial expectations and its coverage.

Shows Interest and Listens To You

Most importantly, your criminal charge is yours to defend. A criminal defense attorney must control the specific ways of mounting your defense. But at the end of the day, big decisions are up to and must be from you.

One way to see if your lawyer is dedicated, check if he or she is passionate or interested to work with you. The number of years of experience isn’t everything in defending a case. The right and perfect attorney has this sincere interest in their work, and they should be willing to dive deeper into the case on your behalf no matter what.

It is true that the whole criminal defense process would not be easy and would take time, effort, and even resources to prove justice. That’s what Campoli Defense concerns the most. Every defense lawyer must be dedicated to all their clients regardless of legal standing. Court confident, expert in criminal law, and being passionate is what your lawyer must be as you get the representation you deserve. To find out more about the best criminal defense lawyer, make sure to do your research and be active in law groups and forums over the internet for reference.