Stefano L. Molea

A Criminal Defense Attorney

A Criminal Defense Attorney

San Diego
Criminal Defense Lawyer

Mr. Molea began his career by assisting those charged with a crime when he joined the largest criminal defense firm in San Diego County. As an attorney, he subsequently worked with some of the most respected and well-known criminal defense practitioners in San Diego. Mr. Molea has continued to fight for the preservation of the rights of the accused by opening his own office. In addition to providing free consultations and affordable flat fees, Mr. Molea strives to make each client comfortable, both with the process and the knowledge that he will do all he can to obtain the best possible result. For more information, visit:


San Diego , CA. 92103

Recent Answers

Why am I at fault in this car accident?

Did you receive a citation? What is the alleged violation? You can always look up the code to get a better understanding of what conduct is deemed unlawful. You may want to contact a local criminal defense attorney. Many offer free initial consult...
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Ask us it legal to be held without being charged with a crime

In San Diego County, criminal defendants who are in custody must be arraigned within 3 court days of their arrest if they are not able to post bail. Your family should contact a local criminal defense attorney to make sure things are done correctl...
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