a bargain of sale was for none.mortgage still paying but a trust was created 3 day before his death by not let this by court and law firm did a Fed Rule (b) appealing need help.save our property

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Friday, Aug 18, 2017

this was to be held for none but ,they kept to them self ,been still paying got took by law firm's. hlgr joshua stump 16-120 let close to 7 million ,trust had trail what was said trust know. i want to file civil illegal transfure from a dead men who didn't payed but court gave to trust this was bank asset.my life since 1995 the only one took care and payed insurance,taxes to have it held hostage.c/o agfya snegirev and victor ovchinnikovtry and did enrich agfya snegirev put mother on DHS but keep the farm.how can i get this trust out of my life,


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