if you are given your sentence by the judge and receive triple ri but it is not on your paperwork and you fight for 2 years to have your transcript revised and receive a new status sheet with a corrected copy including your parole date then 6 months later

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Sunday, Jan 03, 2016

if you are given a sentence in my fiance's case he was given a 5 to 10 yr. state sentence with 2 year special probation and a fine and the judge gave him triple ri which would take a little over 10 months off his sentence. he was eligible for parole sept. 2017. when he received his paperwork in camp hill the sentencing did not include triple ri so for 2 years he fought and wrote to the judge finally his court appointed lawyer got the paperwork fixed and he received a new status sheet that said his new parole date was 11/20/2015 and in the comments it says "corrected copy due to triple ri". he received that in june 2015 he has completed all necessary programs and in dec 2015 6 months later he received legal mail from the sentencing judge stated that because they found an assault charge 2002 he is revoking his triple ri and i can't see how they can do this after all this time. there should be a certain time frame that limits the judge to go back and revoke a sentence not to mention there should be a pattern of behavior or charges that would establish him as violent and there is not. that was the only one he was very young and it was also 14 years ago what can i do to help him keep his parole date.


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