There is a Federal Act/Law XVI Social Security that prevents the garnishment of Public Assitance nationwide. When a State violates this law who prosecutes the State? What Federal Agency does an individual turn too?

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Friday, Aug 26, 2016

I am a disabled individual and have been off work by Doctors Orders since 1999. My ex wife became pregnant by another man and I divorced her. Because we where married at the time of conception the Child is considered a child of Marriage and proof of paternity was and remains denied by the State. I paid support whenever gainfully employed up until 1999. In 2001 I was advised by Job Service to apply for disability and public assistance. I was awarded SSI not SSDI. I have since learned that Federal Law protects public Assistance. Food Stamps, Medicaid, Federal Housing and SSI from Garnishment. Federal Act XVI The State ignored the law and garnished my Public Assistance causing thousands in arrears. Actually holding hearings without notifying me, allowing council, medical records or financial records. Increasing support without a garnishable Income. I motioned the Court and had a Hearing but the County Judge just ignored the Federal Law refusing to recognize it and adjust arrears accordingly in Violation of Federal Law. I appealed to a second State Judge and he stood behind the first Judge's Decision again violating federal law. I have contacted Federal Child Support Agency and they confer with me. I also contacted the Justice Department who also agrees the State Violated Federal law. I would like to press charges against the State for Violating Federal law. My Child support obligation expired in 2007 but the State keeps running up arrears ignoring Federal Law. I remain disabled for life. Forced to do this Pro Se as the court will not appoint an attorney and being this is over State Lines I am not eligible for a free attorney thru the States.


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