A criminal conviction is not something to joke about, as it has the potential to ruin your life. This is why you must hire the best criminal defense attorneys whenever you are charged with a crime. Most people don’t know that a conviction is not only about spending time behind bars; it also includes a suspended sentence, house arrest, and probation. 

Once you have been found guilty by the court, the criminal record is there for life. To understand the seriousness of such a conviction, we’ll discuss the several ways a criminal conviction can turn your life upside down. Let’s begin, shall we?

Difficulty Getting Employment 

One of the main areas of your life that a criminal conviction affects is your employment prospects. Not many employers are ready to employ a felon, especially if the role is sensitive and requires responsibility and trust. Employers might regard your conviction as proof of unworthiness. 

It doesn’t matter how long ago you might have committed the crime; a potential employer would still be concerned, as employing you might lead to a repeat offense. Even if you don’t do anything wrong, their reputation might be affected if their customers find out that they hired an ex-convict. This is especially true if the role you’re applying for involves handling valuable assets or money. 

Obstacles to Securing Housing

Another area where your life might be affected by a criminal record is securing housing. Housing agencies and landlords might refuse to lease or rent their properties to you. You can read this article to discover how ex-offenders still face challenges finding housing despite changes in HUD policy. Furthermore, this can influence your family negatively. 

A good house is a necessity for maintaining family dynamics. If you find it difficult to secure good housing, you might even lose custody of your child if you are divorced. Some convictions might even prevent you from accessing housing. All these can push an individual to become homeless. 

Hindrances to Academic Pursuits

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If you’re seeking to further your academics in college or any higher institution, you might find it difficult to secure student aid if you have a sex crime or drug conviction. You will need to complete a reputable rehabilitation program to renew your eligibility for such student aid. Although this might be a temporary setback until one completes the program, most people end up giving up on their academic pursuits.

Barriers to Licensing in Various Fields

If you are able to get employment or continue your academic studies, you might still face some challenges when you choose to work in a field. Several professions, including medical, financial, legal, cosmetology, and real estate, require a license for you to operate. The bodies that issue these licenses usually examine an individual’s criminal record and any conviction that puts a question mark on their suitability. So, you might study for a profession and still fail to get employed because you’re not issued a license by the state board. 

Rejections of Loan Applications

Legal money lenders might consider you at high risk if you have a criminal conviction. As a result, your credit card or loan application might be outright denied.

In other cases, you might be faced with very high interest rates as the lenders do not consider you trustworthy. The inability to secure a loan might make it hard for such an individual to get a home, start a business, etc. This challenge associated with reintegrating into the financial system might force most convicts back into a life of crime. Thereby, it leads to an endless cycle of crime.