After the Colorado shooting in which 12 moviegoers were killed by a lone gunman, questions are once again being asked about a possible association between an individual's introverted nature and possible psychopathic tendencies.

Similar questions had been raised after the Virginia Tech shooting, which also involved a highly brilliant, but lonely and shy individual. The first personality profiles that have emerged of James Holmes, who is alleged to have shot down 12 people in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, focus on the fact that he was highly brilliant, and a loner.

Homes graduated with honors from the University of California Riverside. He also signed up for a PhD program at the UC Denver Graduate School, when he signed on for a highly selective program in neurosciences. Every year, the program accepts just about 6 students. According to the school, Holmes had withdrawn from the program just before the shooting. They confirm that it is extremely unusual and very rare for a student who has been accepted in the program to withdraw.

Experts are however divided on any possible link between a person's introverted nature and the potential for mass murder. Many experts believe that a person's lonely nature, or shyness reveals nothing about whether he can be dangerous. In fact, they insist that it is more important to analyze a person's values than the number of friends on his Facebook friends' list in determining his psychopathic tendencies.

Which brings us to the topic of Holmes' Internet persona - he does not seem to have had one. There's nothing to suggest that he had a Facebook account, a Twitter feed, or any kind of social media presence at all. Experts believe that he was either never involved in social networking and social media, or did a good job of erasing all account information before the shooting.