San Diego officials are facing a problem of teachers and school officials bringing weapons to work. Most teachers who are engaging in this act state they want to be prepared to defend themselves if something happens at school. A middle school teacher  in San Diego is being accused of brining a loaded gun and knife to work, as means of defending himself in the event of a shooting or any other violent act. This teacher is pleading not guilty to these felony weapon charges. Another teacher is currently facing up to five years and eight months in prison if he is convicted of possessing a firearm on school grounds. This eighth grade teacher was ordered by the Judge to stay away from the school while his case is pending.

The San Diego Unified School District police Chief Rueben Littlejohn states that this teacher’s decision to carry these weapons might have been well-intentioned, but was nonetheless illegal and contract to district regulations.This teacher did break the law and faces serious charges. This case brings up the issue of allowing teachers to carry firearms or weapons in case of a shooting or other violence on campus. Republicans in a number of states have announced plans to introduce legislation that would allow and may even require school staff to carry guns. In Minnesota the state representative plans to sponsor a bill that allows teachers to carry loaded weapons in classrooms. Many teachers are arguing that this approach is absurd and having teachers armed on campus would not make for a safer school.

The American Federation of Teachers opposes having guns in school and having school officials armed on campus. They believe firearms have absolutely no place in our schools. By permitting firearms in schools this enables a dangerous set of circumstances that can result in tragic outcomes. Our country should be trying to reduce the use of firearms, and concentrate on ways to keep all guns off school property. The American Federation of Teachers does not speak for every single teacher across the country, but certain teachers do share these beliefs.

On the other side of the spectrum many Republicans agree that teachers should be allowed to be armed and defend themselves and their students. Teachers’ competency and criminal history are already examined prior to their certification. In order to obtain a gun permit teachers would still have to go through two background checks in order to obtain a permit. Many individuals feel strongly that the teachers with guns would be fully trained and know exactly what to do in a horrific situation.

This topic is still under debate across the country. The teacher in San Diego did break the law regardless of his intentions. This teacher will be back in court April 2 for a readiness conference and April 23 for a preliminary hearing.