If you live in Bryan, Texas, you'll enjoy the vibrant community and rich history of the city. However, one criminal conviction is all it takes for your idyllic life to be disrupted.

A Bryan criminal defense lawyer can help you fight any criminal case that threatens to steal your freedom and impact your life.

Felonies are the most severe category of crimes in Texas, and they carry the potential for hefty fines, prison time, and a permanent criminal record.

Here's a closer look at some of the felonies that can cost you your freedom in Bryan:

Violent Crimes

Offenses like murder, aggravated assault, robbery, and aggravated kidnapping are treated very seriously. A murder conviction can result in life imprisonment, which can steal your freedom permanently.

Aggravated assault, which involves serious bodily injury or the use of a deadly weapon, can land you a prison sentence that lasts between 2 and 20 years, depending on the severity of the crime.

Theft and Property Crimes

Theft can be both a misdemeanor and a felony. If you were involved in a felony like grand theft auto (theft of a vehicle) or burglary (entering a building to commit a crime), you can face a sentence of 180 days to 2 years in jail. 

Burglary of a habitation (entering a home with the intent to commit a crime) is a second-degree felony, and you’re risking a potential sentence of 2-20 years in prison.

Drug Trafficking and Manufacturing

Texas has strict laws regarding controlled substances. According to the Bryan Police Department, in 2022, there were 1,243 drug arrests. 

Trafficking a Penalty Group 1 controlled substance (like cocaine or heroin) in an amount exceeding 4 grams is a first-degree felony, and you’ll likely face a sentence of 5-99 years or life in prison.

Intoxication Assault and DWI 

Driving while intoxicated (DWI) with a serious injury or fatality can result in significant prison time in Texas. In 2022, Bryan reported 1,021 DWI arrests. 

Intoxication assault that involves causing serious bodily injury to another person while driving while intoxicated is a second-degree felony punishable by 2-20 years in prison.

Crimes Against Minors

Any offense that involves the mistreatment of children is likely to come with extreme penalties. According to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, in 2022, there were 1,843 reports of child abuse in Brazos County, where Bryan is located. 

Even if you do not get the life imprisonment penalty, your freedom will be significantly affected. You will have to live as a registered sex offender for the rest of your life.

Criminal in handcuffs

How Your Freedom Can Be Limited 

Even if you avoid a prison sentence, a criminal conviction in Bryan can still limit your freedom in several ways:

  • Probation and parole: Probation or parole often comes with restrictions like curfews, travel limitations, and mandatory reporting requirements. These limitations can significantly restrict your ability to live your life as you once did.

  • Loss of rights: Certain convictions can lead to a loss of voting rights or the right to hold public office. This will affect your ability to engage in your community and have a say in your government.

  • Employment challenges: A criminal record can make it difficult to find employment, especially for certain professions. This can have a significant impact on your financial stability and ability to support yourself.


Aside from these felonies, even misdemeanors can carry prison sentences, which will affect your life significantly. Even if you only serve a short sentence, your life would be impacted long-term.

As soon as you are accused of a crime, reach out to a competent attorney to take charge of the situation before it gets out of hand.