It’s no surprise that having your driver’s license suspended after a DUI can negatively impact your life. Getting your license reinstated is probably number one on your to-do list if you heavily rely on your vehicle to get around.

While many people think they must accept the suspension, there are ways in which you can potentially save your license. 

Continue reading this article to learn more about the top 3 ways to save your driver’s license after a DUI:

Saving Your Driver’s License

Accepting a DUI charge means you’ll have to deal with the consequences. For many drivers, that means waiting out the full period of your license suspension before trying to reinstate your license. A DUI can also affect your lifestyle, such as getting to work on time. In addition, a charge can get in the way of future travel plans, such as visiting Canada after a DUI; you may be refused entry at the border. 

Receiving an impaired driving charge is never a good thing, but in some cases, you can decide whether you want to accept the requirements or challenge the charge.  

DUI School

Upon receiving a DUI, you may have the option of attending DUI school. So, what does that mean?

Attending DUI school means that the accused can go to special classes that revolve around alcohol education. The program is aimed at helping drivers with alcohol-related issues. For many, DUI school is court-ordered if you’ve received a DUI, but it’s a much less intense option than paying heavy fines. 

Receiving a DUI and attending these classes often reveal when to seek addiction counseling. Completing the courses may get you your license faster than other court-mandated requirements. 

Pay the Reinstatement Fee

If you’ve decided to complete the requirements expected of you, whether it’s DUI school, paying fines, or waiting out the suspension, you can pay and apply for a reinstatement fee. It’s pivotal that you pay this fee as quickly as possible because the sooner it’s paid, the faster you’ll have your license. Choosing this alternative means you’re willing to take the longer path to get your license again. 

Challenging the Suspension 

Depending on which state you live in, most drivers have 30 days from the time of suspension to appeal in court. This isn’t always a guarantee, but it’s an option for individuals who feel that they are in the right. 

You must file a notice of appeal with the court and decide if you want to hire a DUI attorney or represent yourself. DUI attorneys can help you as they have the proper knowledge and experience to aid your situation. The court must appoint a public defender if you can’t afford an attorney. 

In most states, a police officer has probable cause for stopping a driver. Challenging the suspension should only be an option if you firmly believe you were stopped and issued the DUI charge without a reason. 

As you’ve read, the process of getting your license back after a DUI charge can be a long-winded experience. Save yourself the trouble and hire an experienced DUI attorney. They’ll know the best course of action to get you a positive outcome.