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Criminal Defense: From Traffic to Traffiking,

Criminal Defense: From Traffic to Traffiking,

Fort Lauderdale
Criminal Defense Lawyer

I have been a licensed Attorney in the State of Florida for 30 years. I limit my practice to Criminal Defense in State and Federal Courts. I have tried more than 250 Criminal cases to verdict. The majority of Cases that I handle are drug related possession or trafficking cases. I have argued more than 500 Motion to suppress evidence based upon constitutional grounds. I graduated from the University of Florida College of Law in 1986. I worked for the Law Firm of Cohen, Mee and Kennedy PA, then I worked with Attorney Stephen Broudy. I opened The Law Offices of H Scott Hecker PA in 1988.


Fort Lauderdale , FL. 33316

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How can the police come at u like the SWAT team with guns pulled for running a stop sign

Pulling one over at Gun Point for a traffic stop does NOT routinely happen. With my 30 years experience defending the accused , I believe this was an investigatory stop. They were looking for someone at that time. The car may have met a descripti...
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Scott Hecker helped us when others failed. Our son Seth suffered birth related mental illness and unfortunately during his life , he was arrested numerous times. Scott Hecker always helped him whether we had money or not. He is the reason my son NEVER went to prison. Mr Hecker's understanding of behavior and mental illness, allowed him to successfully argue to the court to grant probation.

- Bea Kaitlin

DROPPED, DROPPED DROPPED !!!! I walked out the door!!
Mr Hecker knew from our first consultation that I had been arrested illegally, and he proved it in Court. The State had to drop all charges. THE BEST!!

- Pete O'neal