How can the police come at u like the SWAT team with guns pulled for running a stop sign

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Wednesday, Jun 01, 2016

My son was taking his girl friends cousin home in the small town of wewoka OK the cousin was driving and ran a stop sign supposedly they said they did not run it but was pull over with all kinds of law enforcement with there guns pulled the car wasn't even in my son's name it belonged to his aunt who is 57 years old with no crimal history so how can they do that do they do that to every one who supposedly runs a stop sign


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Jun 21, 2016

Pulling one over at Gun Point for a traffic stop does NOT routinely happen. With my 30 years experience defending the accused , I believe this was an investigatory stop. They were looking for someone at that time. The car may have met a description that was given out over the radio. If they were looking for someone that they knew to be armed, or have a weapon, then pulling the car over at gun point could be justified . As it turned out it was not your son and no one was hurt. The police "made up" the ticket story to explain the stop, a Pretext if you will