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Your Fight is Our Fight

Your Fight is Our Fight

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Miami DUI Lawyer Jonathan Blecher is a former member of the Florida Bar DUI and Traffic Rules Committee and a former prosecutor for Miami- Dade County. Having worked on both sides of the courtroom, Mr. Blecher possesses a unique perspective in criminal defense and drunk driving defense cases. Mr. Blecher has the knowledge of relevant case law and the proven ability to work intelligently on your behalf with Florida's criminal justice system. Having defended over 3,000 DUI cases throughout his career, Jonathan Blecher provides clients with creative, reliable and aggressive solutions.


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FL Patients Get the “Green Light” on Edible Greens | Sep 23, 2020

Florida’s medical marijuana patients can look forward to a new, legal way of getting the treatment they need. Effective August 27, 2020, emergency rules governing edible medical marijuana will give qualified patients access to a ...
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Blood, Sweat and Tears: Forced Blood Tests | Jul 18, 2013

The Supreme Court recently ruled that police must generally obtain a warrant before subjecting DUI suspects to a blood test. The vote was 8-to-1, with Justice Clarence Thomas the lone dissenter. The case began in Missouri, where Tyler McNee...
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Marijuana and DUI: The Next Battleground | Jul 18, 2013

The current battlefield in DUI prosecutions is Marijuana where states have passed per se limits of THC to establish marijuana impairment. A "per se" law imposes a presumption of impairment by a drug if any amount is detecte...
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Mugshot Websites | Jun 10, 2013

A recent attempt by the Florida Legislature to put a stop to these shady practices died in committee. The proposed law would have required “the operator of a website that contains the name and personal information, including any photograp...
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Up in Smoke | Jun 05, 2013

Colorado and Washington state each passed laws allowing the recreational use of marijuana. Eighteen states and the District of Columbia permit medical marijuana. Can you drive with marijuana in your system and avoid a DUI arrest?   ...
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Why is a jury system a good idea

Juries are one of the most democratic aspects of the constitution; they are democracy in action every day of the week, not just once every four years. There is no other part of the constitution that is so open to the public, where ordinary people ...
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If I am appealing a DUI conviction, during this time do I have to disclose on a job application that I have been convicted of a misdemeanor?

Mr. Brooks is correct, but read the application very carefully to be certain you have to disclose misdemeanor convictions.
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