Michael Kennedy

A Criminal Defense Attorney

A Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Defense Lawyer

I am an originalist constitutionalist practicing only criminal law [handling all levels of cases from murder to DUIs to infractions], and my successes and effectiveness are unsurpassed. I work, and am well known, in all courts of the Inland Empire [including Joshua Tree, Indio, Banning, Blythe, Victorville, Riverside, San Bernardino, etc.], and occasionally Orange and Imperial Counties.


82632 B Hwy 111 Suite 3 Indio , CA. 92201

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Cops ie and Plant Evidence | Apr 27, 2015

Cops Lie and Plant Evidence By Michael Kennedy on Feb 19, 2015 | 0 Comments I have said this for years, sometimes to the outraged condemnation of police groupies and pissed-off cops, but now a cop himsel...
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What to Do and Not to Do if Stopped for Drunk Driving | Sep 04, 2012

Do not flunk the attitude test; be civil and polite, because being otherwise will never help you, and it will generally always hurt you in the eyes of the jury and judge.  Remember that much of what goes on in the criminal justice syst...
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Recent Answers

Charged with three crimes. If the first crime lead to the next two and the first crime is dismissed ... can the second and third be dismissed?

Your question is far too vague for a sufficient answer. Very often a minor offense that gave rise to a greater one will be dismissed because there is no reason to go after the lesser when the greater would suffice for the public interest. So, if...
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wrongly accused for street racing and got car impounded

Whether one's motoring conduct is a speed contest or not, for citation purposes, is highly subjective with the cops, unfortunately, and they are given a great deal of leeway in what they can do to people while exercising that subjective opinion. ...
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