To say this year was challenging is an understatement. However, drinking alcohol in order to temporarily escape your troubles can often cause additional problems for the future.

Addressing the Real Problem

If you drink heavily to remove worry about paying your bills, this isn’t going to fix the problem. When the booze wears off you’ll still have piles of unpaid bills remaining. Instead, address the problem head-on. Rockwell Legal Group recommends hiring a professional attorney to assess your financial situation. A lawyer can help you figure out if filing bankruptcy is your best option for peace of mind or if you should try other remedies first.

Repercussions of Consuming too Much Alcohol

Drinking too much alcohol can fog the mind and cause you to do things you wouldn't normally do. You may grab the keys to your car and think you’re fine to drive home. Unfortunately, this will put you in a position of making irrational decisions. Getting stopped while under the influence can lead to an arrest and possibly the loss of your license. 

Worst Case Scenario

Normally, you’re a hard-working, responsible person. However, that can go away in an instant if you get into a serious accident that ends up seriously injuring or killing someone. It can happen in the blink of an eye, especially if you’re in no condition to drive. Your motor skills and reflexes are slower and your judgment is off. From this moment on your life changes forever. People view you differently, especially family members and friends. You have a life of regrets.

Long-Term Consequences

To the family of a lost loved one, you destroyed their lives forever. The grief won’t go away with an apology. You now live with pain and suffering too, with constant thoughts of “if I only didn’t drive.” Unfortunately, it’s too late. You can’t turn back time and have a do-over. To restore internal peace, you may need to speak with a therapist. They have the skills that will allow you to deal with the results of driving under the influence and accept the outcome. 

Challenging Times

Not only can you face a revoked driver's license, but also increased insurance premiums, a lost job, destroyed relationship, and possible jail time. If that’s not enough, hiring a criminal attorney is not cheap. Finding a reputable one with years of experience can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Even then, there’s no guarantee that you will face reduced charges. 

Re-Thinking How You Deal with Stress and Debt

You’re not alone. Many people felt hopeless in 2020. The virus was only the beginning. Thousands of adults lost their small businesses or their jobs. Hopefully, the holidays were time to take time off from your problems, be in good spirits, and spend time with loved ones. There are always solutions you can find if you look hard enough. Now that the holidays are over, regain control of your physical and financial life.   

Choose to Drive Sober

You have choices in life. Unfortunately, one wrong decision can change your life for the worse in seconds. Don’t get behind the wheel if you are under the influence. If you consume too much alcohol, let someone else take you home. A small inconvenience outweighs the possible consequences every time.