Michael Hanle

25 Years Experience Defending The Accused

25 Years Experience Defending The Accused

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Not everyone who is arrest is guilty of a crime. After moving to Birmingham, Alabama in 1995 I started representing individuals in state and federal criminal cases. I’ve handled hundred of cases in both U.S. District Court, State Courts and municipal courts. As a Past-President of the Alabama Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, I advocated for criminal defense lawyers and our clients across the State of Alabama. I continue to advocate for my clients as the Chair of the Legislative Committee where I work with other stakeholders to improve or abolish the criminal laws impacting my client


Birmingham , AL. 35205

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Traveling on misdemeanor probation

You should speak with your lawyer to determine if there are any restrictions on your ability to travel while on probation. If there are restrictions, your attorney can seek and receive permission from the probation office or the court.
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I was wrongfully arrested and got beat up by a officer and while i was handcuffed he punched me in my ribs 4 times brusing them please i need to know what to do so these type's of things wont happen to someone else

Speak with someone in Internal Affairs at the police department involved. If that does not work, reach out to the local U.S. Attorney’s Office and report the incident.
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