Holmes Insanity Defense will Be a Tough Sell

The state of Colorado does not allow people like James Holmes to plead insanity all that easily. The state has some of the tougher laws against insanity pleas in the country. In Colorado, a person who wants to plead insanity in defense of the ...
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Post Colorado Shooting, Questions on Loner-Psychopath Links

After the Colorado shooting in which 12 moviegoers were killed by a lone gunman, questions are once again being asked about a possible association between an individual's introverted nature and possible psychopathic tendencies. Similar questi...
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Higher Domestic Violence Rates for Returning Veterans

According to new research conducted in the UK, one in every 8 soldiers who returns home from combat has been involved in a domestic violence incident. The research was conducted by the King's Center for Military Health Research, and involved ...
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Do You Have To Reveal an Expungement?

Expungement of your records will allow you to "eliminate" traces of any criminal conviction in your past. Having even a DUI conviction on your record, can possibly interfere with your prospects for future employment, or further studies. Getting ...
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State Farm Moves to Avoid Paying Sandusky Sex Crime Legal Bills

Insurer State Farm is upset at having to pay out millions of dollars worth in legal fees arising out of the sexual abuse case involving former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky. State Farm has moved to ensure that it is exempt from Sandu...
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